Minimize and maximize button lost after upgrade

Minimize and maximize button lost after upgrade on Jetson nano 2GB and after reboot it goes to black screen. Also getting some error during upgrade.
Could somebody help me with this error. I am new to Ubuntu.

Was the previous upgrade a “release” upgrade, or just an “upgrade”? Also, is this the dev kit, or is it using a third party carrier board?

In the case of a “release” upgrade this would break parts of boot, and I see initramfs is mentioned, which is indeed part of boot. The content to support Ubuntu 20.04 LTS simply does not yet exist, so this would be an error.

In the case of a third party carrier board, the firmware/device tree would differ, and there have been cases where the update using NVIDIA’s default device tree ends up replacing the third party manufacturer’s device tree, and this too would break things. The required customization would be lost.

I believe it was a just an upgrade. Yes I am using the jetson nano 2GB dev kit. After flashing the image to SD i boot up the Jetson nano, after boot up there’s a prompt to update the Ubuntu. After the update Nano boots up to black screen. I read that using startx we could go to GUI mode, but in the GUI mode there is no minimize and maximize buttons. I tried to update and started getting that error.

What gives:

cat /etc/lsb-release 

If it shows a newer version, probably you did a release upgrade being not supported.

If ok, you may try this.

I also see a RPi initramfs looking wrong here… Maybe you would reflash with a clean install.

I have reflashed the sd card, how can stop the release upgrade?

I can’t tell any command. You may google for this and may find a way and share.
All I can say is :

  • update your repositories frequently: sudo apt update
  • then upgrade your packages frequently: sudo apt upgrade or sudo apt dist-upgrade
  • and if you’re told a new Ubuntu release is available, DON’T ACCEPT THE RELEASE UPGRADE. This probably would break some of the NVIDIA addons.
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Thank you so much for the guidance

You might find this of use:

This was something I found only recently…you can tell the system to never prompt for a new release upgrade. In “/etc/update-manager”, file name “release-upgrades”, it will normally say “lts”. Change to “never”:

This will not stop actual release upgrade if you manually attempt it, but it will stop that prompt from asking.

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