Ubuntu 2022 broken after apt update

I installed Ubuntu 2022 long time ago via do-release-upgrade and even managed to boot from USB SSD and run docker again.

Yesterday, my system got broken after doing some things , including sudo apt update . Jetson Nano showed up a message “reboot required” and after the reboot, i got the white screen of death.

I copied the official image to SD (Ubuntu 18.04), booted from SD, installed all updates apt-update/upgrade , SD boot worked. Then i did ‘Sudo do-release-update’. I had to deinstall TensorRT because this was not updateable via apt. I am not sure, but it looked like updating to Ubuntu 20.xx LTS. After some time, i got the white screen of death again, this time without anything connected to USB (no SSD boot).

Do you have any ideas where to look?

Boot messages had been rather short,
… using random self ethernet address
… using random host ethernet address
… CIFS failed to mount /mnt/net (this is a windows share i made)
… using random self ethernet address
… using random host ethernet address
… Bridge firewall registered

then white screen…

The Jetpack 4 releases are with Ubuntu 18.04 as defautl rootfs, so we would suggest use 18.04. It may not work properly if you upgrade to later Ubuntu version.

I want to add that the Ubuntu mechanism for migrating major releases does not understand the boot chain. It is expecting a BIOS’s standard services, and no such thing exists on a Nano. If you were to succeed, then it is unlikely the GPU would be useful after that unless you kept the old kernel and X server.