missing libEGL.so and libGL.so

My OS is ubuntu. When I installed the NVIDIA driver, I couldn’t find libEGL. so and libGl. so in the driver file ,Did I miss any steps in installing the driver?

my card: GTX950
OS:Ubuntu 16.04

libEGL.so and libGl.so are supplied by mesa. You missed GLvnd, a concept which is now about three years old.

Now I have a problem in configuring a project. Project of the author’s answer to the question I met as follow :

Yes, the problem is with your GL and EGL libraries. A version from mesa is being used, which will not work with the nvidia gpu driver.

The nvidia driver package includes its own GL and EGL libraries, but where these are installed depends on your particular system. Running find /usr/lib -name ‘GL’ | grep nvidia should give a list; they would all typically be in one folder, e.g. /usr/lib/nvidia-367. When building/installing dirt, set CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to point at that folder.

Afterwards, running ldd as before should not show mesa in the libEGL and libGL paths, but something containing nvidia.

my question is that :
1. Is libEGL.so and libGl.so supplied by mesa different from libEGL.so and libGl.so supplied by nvidia?
2. Do you mean “glvnd” at https://github.com/NVIDIA/libglvnd , if so ,Do I need to compile and install it? But
libglvnd does not seem to support Ubuntu
3. then , how should I do according to the author to get libEGL.so and libGl.so accordingly ,ant suggestions?

Much appreciated ,chemal.

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Just install the nvidia driver from here:


Development files (OpenGL headers and the libGl.so link) are in the dev packages for mesa or libglvnd.