Missing specification for new GL_NV_uniform_buffer_std430_layout extension

I’ve noticed that a new OpenGL extension has been added in NVIDIA driver release 526.47, namely: GL_NV_uniform_buffer_std430_layout.

The name makes its use case pretty obvious and I was able to try it out without any problems!

Unfortunately, even after 8 months, I still don’t see an entry for it in the OpenGL registry.

It would be nice if NVIDIA would add the spec to the registry. Also to let more people know about it.

Hi @BoyBaykiller, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I will check internally if this was simply overlooked or if there is some other reason it was not added yet.

Stay tuned!

Hey @BoyBaykiller, good news!

It has now been merged into the official registry:


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