OptiX fails to create a buffer from OpenGL Buffer Object with Driver 430.86


I recently updated Geforce driver for RTX 2070 to 430.86.
Now OptiX fails to create a buffer from an OpenGL buffer object.

I made a minimum sample to reproduce this problem.

As commented in the source code, it seems that nvoptix.dll in the new driver fails to create a buffer when OpenGL context is created as core profile. Otherwise if the context is created as compatible profile, it succeeds to create a buffer.


Thanks, I’ll file a bug report for analysis.

Are you saying this is a regression in 430.86?
In that case could you please also provide the display driver version which didn’t show this behaviour?

Yes, this is a regression.
I had succeeded to create a GLBO buffer at least with 430.39, 430.64 before I updated.

Ok, is filed.

Same issue here, GTX 1080 with 430.86

Same issue, RTX2080Ti, 430.86

This is just a report for other users.
I tried the latest driver 431.36, but the problem is still there.

I hope the next release will fix the problem.

Same issue here, GTX 1080 with 440.97

I have been having a similarly related issue, inability to create a texture sampler when running on updated drivers (I have to revert to 430.64). This error started when running on GTX 1080 and followed me onto a Quadro RTX 5000. I was wondering if there has been any progress on this front?