Missing Ubuntu Software Center on Orin Nano

I updated to the Orin Nano from the Nano. I was new to Ubuntu but managed to find my way on the Nano. But now on the Orin Nano I’m missing the Ubuntu software center.

I know this is because I am inexperienced with Ubuntu. But can somebody tell me where to find this tool?
I have flashed Linux with Jetpack 5.1.1 on the micro SD as instructed in the getting started documentation.

Please try the commands:

$ sudo apt install gnome-software
$ DISPLAY=:0 gnome-software

Thanks, Yes, that helped. But now I have regular system warnings/errors. I did see that this Software tool is not an official Ubuntu thing and has also lots of negative reviews. So I think I will start over with initialisation and skip the Software tool.

But what is the official GUI tool to install software packages? Or does it not exist?

I installed the snap-store instead as described here:

And that worked better for me. No Errors or Warnings anymore.

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