Sudo apt get update not working in Jetson Orin Nano

Suddenly from yesterday this problem started. I am unable to install or update any software.

>sudo apt-get update
>E: Could not create temporary file for /var/cache/apt/srcpkgcache.bin - mkstemp (74: Bad message)
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

no clue how to fix this.
last thing I installed chromium web browser using snap.
After that this problem started occurring.
Tried some fix from the internet but the problem remains.
Please help.

Please Help me. suggest me the next steps.

Looks like you are out of space, at least for the journal. What do you see from:

df -H -T /
df -H -T -i /

Note: “/tmp” uses sticky bits, it is an unusual permission system, and altering this can destroy security, so don’t chmod it (except perhaps in a file or directory owned specifically by you, and knowing what the consequences are). Bad idea™.

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