Unable to update packages

Trying to run sudo apt upgrade result in the following errors
part 1 of attachment

Trying to run sudo apt update result in the following errors
part 2 of attachment

error.txt (17.4 KB)
Am running a fresh installation of jetpack 4.6.1 on jetson nano 2gb
Region is set to singapore

Could you re-flash the system and check again? Beside using sdcard image, you can try to flash the image through SDKManager.

Hi I do not have another machine running Linux, is it possible to update the CDN cache?

The main error I believe is a hash sum mismatch due to a bad pubkey.

Edit: have tried reflashing 2x already using BalenaEtcher

If you only can use sdcard image, we suggest try other versions such as 4.5.1.

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