ERROR. Procedure for bootloader update FAILED. When executing sudo apt-get upgrade

I’ve installed a Jetpack 4.5.1 on my Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit. I have to install those version because with the latest version , Jetpack 4.6 , Deepstream doesn’t work.
When I execute the comand :sudo apt upgrade -y , I get the next error :* installed nvidia-l4t-bootloader package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1*.
Thanks in advance

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same here

Just want to confirm what you have done here.

  1. Pure jetpack4.5.1 software
  2. Running sudo apt upgrade -y
  3. Hit error from nvidia-l4t-bootloader package.

Is it correct?

Can you share the full error log?

Yes, that’s correct:

  1. Put jetpack4.5.1 software
  2. Running sudo apt update ( no problem)
  3. Running sudo apt upgrade -y(Hit Error)

This is the full error:
error processing package nvidia-l4t-bootloader (–configure):
installed nvidia-l4t-bootloader package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

Just one more thing:
I have 3 Jetson Nano, in one I installed the Jetpack 4.5.1 version from the beginning and it was configured without problem, in the other two, I had the .6 version installed, so I formatted the SD and flashed version 4.5.1, and in both two I have had the same error. So the error has occurred in which I’ve had another version installed.
Could it be because of that? Maybe the SDs were not formatted correctly?

No, it is not your sdcard’s fault.

The bootloader is on the QSPI-NOR flash on the module. If I remember correctly, the sdcard image will detect the bootloader version on the QSPI and it will try to keep it as the latest version.

For example, if you insert a sdcard image with jetpack4.6.1 to a module that was pre-installed with jetpack4.5.1, then the sdcard will move the jetpack4.6.1 bootloader to the QSPI of this module, so that your bootloader on the board is jp4.6.1 now. And when you insert a jetpack 4.5.1 sd back to the board again, it will not update the bootloader again so the version is probably still 4.6.1.

But I am not sure about this. Please dump the log from serial console from both your working board and non-working board. I can use the tag in the first few lines to know if it is as my expectation.

I guess under such situation, the nvidia-l4t-bootloader pakcage hits problems. Sounds like a bug.

Thank you so much.

I don’t have the wire-ttl-usb at the moment, my way to connect to the Jetson is via Putty.
How could I dump the log by this way?

Actually, what you are saying here has no information…

It is just like I asked you how did you use your phone to connect to etherent… and my expectation is you may tell me either wifi or LTE.

But turns out you tell me you are using Chrome to connect the etherent…

That Putty is the Chrome here…

I don’t know what does that Putty do here. You should tell me whether this is usb interface or something else.

Only UART is able to dump the boot log. Other interface cannot.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I misunderstood.
As soon as I have the wire-ttl-usb I will do what you commented previously.

Thank you very much.


Just want to ask what is the goal here? The default “apt-get upgrade” will re-install the default software again.

It is just like re-flashing the board with sdkmanager again. However, this time your bootlaoder version on QSPI is 4.6.1 which is new one than your sdcard image 4.5.1 and causes problem.

If you don’t need to “re-install” the BSP software here, I would suggest you can remove it from the apt source list first.