MLNX_OFED-23.10 RPMS for RHEL/Rocky 8.10

Hi Team,
Any plan to release MLNX_OFED-23.10 RPMS for RHEL8.10 and Rocky8.10?

No plan for that.

Thanks for the update. Since Rocky 8.9 and RHEL8.9 are no more supported (support ended on 31st May 2024). And Rocky/RHEL8.10 will be supported for next 5 years (till 31st may 2029), can you please help to release MLNX_OFED RPMs for these versions?

Much appreciate your help on this.


Second this request. I’m blocked from updating servers unless there’s a workaround I don’t know about.

Same here, would nice to get OFED drivers for RHEL 8.10 soon.

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Hello we need the MLNX_EN drivers for RHEL 8.10. We are upgrading from 8.9 so that we can continue to have support. Our customer is mandating this upgrade. So far I have seen only one tgz file that might be for RHEL 8.10, but it was in the “Archive” download area. I tried it anyway and the install script failed.