MobileNet SSD and nvcaffe-0.15 on Jetson TX2


I am trying to use several object detection models in Caffe such as MobileNet, Tiny-DSOD , and TinySSD.

All of them give the following error when I run them in caffe:

[libprotobuf ERROR google/protobuf/] Error parsing text-format caffe.NetParameter: 4149:17: Message type "caffe.LayerParameter" has no field named "permute_param".

I have 2 questions:

  1. This seems to be because the version of Caffe I installed on the Jetson is not up-to-date. Is this correct?
  2. Based on this link, I have installed nvcaffe-0.15. Is that still reccomended? Can I upgrade to the latest version (nvcaffe-0.17). I believe I have Jetpack 3.3…



MobileNet SSD requires some custom implement which is not available in nvcaffe.
Please find some custom branch with MobileNet SSD support.

For example:


@AastaLLL, I actually installed NVCaffe-0.17.1 (the latest release), which includes support for MobileNet SSD on my Jetson TX2 without any issues. This version of NVcaffe was indeed able to support MobileNet, and MobileNetv2 (SSDLIte) thus answering my original questions.

If anyone is curious here are some Caffe benchmarks I ran on 4 different object detection networks: DetectNet, MobileNet, TinySSD, and SSDLite.

Benchmarks on 640x480 Image on Jetson TX2 NVCaffe=0.17.1. Average over 20 iterations

I1102 21:47:05.384920 30632 caffe.cpp:663] Average Forward pass: 156.468 ms.
I1102 21:47:05.384958 30632 caffe.cpp:665] Average Backward pass: 168.665 ms.
I1102 21:47:05.385002 30632 caffe.cpp:667] Average Forward-Backward: 325.37 ms.
I1102 21:47:05.385048 30632 caffe.cpp:669] Total Time: 32537 ms.

I1102 20:58:29.423532 29773 caffe.cpp:663] Average Forward pass: 197.653 ms.
I1102 20:58:29.423568 29773 caffe.cpp:665] Average Backward pass: 303.011 ms.
I1102 20:58:29.423599 29773 caffe.cpp:667] Average Forward-Backward: 502.15 ms.
I1102 20:58:29.423629 29773 caffe.cpp:669] Total Time: 10043 ms.

I1102 21:04:23.571799 29803 caffe.cpp:663] Average Forward pass: 153.271 ms.
I1102 21:04:23.571842 29803 caffe.cpp:665] Average Backward pass: 113.264 ms.
I1102 21:04:23.571887 29803 caffe.cpp:667] Average Forward-Backward: 267.75 ms.
I1102 21:04:23.571930 29803 caffe.cpp:669] Total Time: 5355 ms.

I1102 21:41:12.802958 30575 caffe.cpp:663] Average Forward pass: 138.4 ms.
I1102 21:41:12.802999 30575 caffe.cpp:665] Average Backward pass: 264.713 ms.
I1102 21:41:12.803040 30575 caffe.cpp:667] Average Forward-Backward: 403.42 ms.
I1102 21:41:12.803077 30575 caffe.cpp:669] Total Time: 40342 ms.