Modern list of ECC enabled Quadro and Tesla cards ?

Does nvidia provide a list of all ECC enabled cards they have/had ? I found it quite hard to find this information. For example, a P5000/P6000 has it, but a P5200 doesn’t. I was able to check this with

nvidia-smi -q

but you cannot wait to have the hardware to check it (obviously). If think that Wikipedia is not accurate on this topic.

I’m not aware of any such list.

To my knowledge, there is no such list, and there has never been such a list provided by NVIDIA. Some of the “data sheets” linked from

do seem to mention ECC: the one for the GV100 says “ECC Yes”. But information on ECC support does not seem to be provided in a consistent manner in the data sheets.

I would think if NVIDIA provided that information, it could help Quadro sales rather than hurt them, so I am puzzled why such an overview is non-existent. Given that there are no modern actively-cooled Teslas, it is also not the case that Quadro sales would cannibalize Tesla sales when customers try to decide what to put in their workstations. At best the information might steer more potential buyers to the high-end Quadros that provide ECC.

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kriegalex : I don’t know of one either. From what I have been able to find though, only the Quadro GP100 has it. Because of the nature of GDDR5 and GDDR6, ECC is rather complicated for them.

I found a sort of “back door” list though. I went to this page : that lets you configure a GPU workstation. Scroll down to where they list the available video cards and click the compare button. That lists all the GPUs you could get for that machine and they list only the GP100 has having ECC memory. This is in the row labelled “Memory Technology.”

I hope this is helpful.