Modulus hyperparameter tuning?

I am planning to do a hyperparameter tuning using hydra’s optuna plugin and mlflow logging. Instead of using hydra I generally use Hydra-zen to define and manipulate the config file within the python file as a string. Do i need to rebuild the docker container to install these packages?

Hi @prakhar_sharma

If you want to use another package with Modulus, I see a couple options one could try:

  1. Install the new package via pip inside a running docker container. This won’t put the package into the image we provide, but you can keep and reuse your stopped container which you could start again.
  2. Build a new development Docker image using the Modulus image a the parent image. Basically your new docker file would have FROM modulus:22.09 then pip install whatever.
  3. Build a Modulus Docker image from scratch (not recommended since this will remove some items) adding the new package into the Dockerfile.

Hopefully one of these works for you.

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