Getting this error trying to run Examples: ImportError: cannot import name 'ModulusConfig' from 'modulus.hydra'

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 and Docker.
The error on multiple files is:
ImportError: cannot import name ‘ModulusConfig’ from ‘modulus.hydra’

Make sure you are using Modulus22.07 Docker for it also.

Seem like you are using Modulus22.03 Docker with 22.07 example.

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I tried both ways. I am using the modulus22.07 with the 22.07 examples. I can process 22.03 examples?

Sound like your 22.07 container is actually a 22.03 container if its working with 22.03 examples.

Verify the Modulus version inside you’re container is in fact 22.07:

python -c "import modulus; print(modulus.__version__)"