Modulus installation using Github not successfull - "No module named 'modulus.hydra'"


I am trying to install Modulus on Ubuntu in my workplace. However, as we are not allowed to use Docker, I am trying to install it the Bare Metal version from Github (GitHub - NVIDIA/modulus: A PyTorch based deep-learning toolkit for developing DL models for physical systems)

I installed all requirements using:

pip install matplotlib transforms3d future typing numpy quadpy
numpy-stl==2.16.3 h5py sympy==1.5.1 termcolor psutil
symengine==0.6.1 numba Cython chaospy torch_optimizer
vtk chaospy termcolor omegaconf hydra-core==1.1.1 einops
timm tensorboard pandas orthopy ndim functorch pint

And then cloned and installed Modulus using pip.
I can import modulus successfully on Python, however I get a “no module” error for trying to import modulus.hydra or modulus.key.

When I look at the github file, there are no specific hydra or key sublibraries though…

How could I solve this? Thank you for your help!


Hi @cdanielc

We will be releasing additional documentation soon, but you need to be use the Modulus Symbolic repo if you’re trying to run existing Modulus examples. If you’re trying to run an example here you’ll need update imports from:

import modulus.hydra
from modulus.key import Key


import modulus.sym.hydra
from modulus.sym.key import Key

We are working on updating all of this behind the scenes right now. Thanks!

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