Nvidia Modulus Documentation for a Beginner

I recently came across Nvidia Modulus and was interested in trying it. I am hard time understanding the installation as I am not aware with Docker etc and other stuff. Is there a guided tutorial for installation and some samples cases to get started it. I am very fairly new to this and would appreciate any help provided by the community.


Hi @manishvankudre

For the use of Modulus-Sym we suggest using the Modulus docker container. There are many resources online for getting familiar with docker and using an interactive session. Some details are in the install guide.

Alternatively one can also pip install modulus packages. This is recommended for the Modulus-Core or Modulus-Launch packages. But keep in mind that some features won’t be there / more prone to break.

After installed have a look at the introductory example.

Hello @ngeneva,
Thanks for the response. I had a follow- up question, I see the docker images are mentioned for Ubuntu and operating systems mention Linux and Ubuntu. Does Nvidia Modulus works only on Ubuntu/Linux?


Hi @manishvankudre

We only “officially” support linux/ubuntu since that is that’s the environment test and develop on. However, we have had many users use WSL as well with some success (although it can bring issues as well). Modulus is built on PyTorch, so if PyTorch runs then the most of Modulus should function.

I’ve ran Modulus on “bare metal” via WSL for Windows, but I would also recommend running it on Docker.
Note: you can run the docker image on a Windows host OS, you would just be using Linux commands in the terminal.

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I’m facing challenges understanding the installation process, particularly because I’m not well-versed in Docker and related technologies. I’m relatively new to this and would appreciate some guidance. Is there a comprehensive installation tutorial available on the forums that can help users like me get started? If anyone could share some practical use cases or examples sitework estimating, it would be immensely helpful.

HI @aqeelha772

Which part of Modulus are you interested in using? Outside of Modulus sym (PINNs) we assume uses have some past PyTorch experience. There are some tutorials on Github and the documentation website depending on what you are interested in.

Some Docker install instructions are here. Additionally you can pip install nvidia-modulus.

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