Nvidia Modulus Error

Hi Team,

I am trying to set up nvidia/modulus/modulus:23.05 on my system. I am using Docker 24.0.6, Ubuntu 20.04 and USD Composer 2022.2.0 for the same.
I have took reference of - Running Modulus Using Docker -section from below link. I could successfully install

Docker and also could run few sample examples provided on Github page using Modulus.

Then, I took reference of below link to setup modulus extension in USD Composer

I am running the below command in my terminal:
/home/arjunmangal/.local/share/ov/pkg/create-2022.2.0/omni.create.sh --enable modulus_ext.core

And my USD Composer(Create) is crashing with lots of error. The error log file is attached for reference

log_file.txt (118.5 KB)