How to run Modulus thru docker in Saturn cloud


Nividia has kindly provided me some GPU cloud computing credits on Saturn cloud. I tried to set up using docker file but it doesn’t work as there’s some steps to follow. I tried to ask the admin there for help but it didn’t work out. Does anyone has experience in this area?


Hi @tsltaywb

Unfortunately we cannot provide complete technical support for every cloud platform / cluster from our end. However, setting up the docker image for Modulus should work if you’re allowed and nvidia docker runtime is available.

We have had users where docker doesn’t work fully / isn’t allowed. Right now there are two options:

  1. Bare metal install (will lose some features, but most of Modulus will work)
  2. Try singularity / apptainer if the machine supports it. (Not-officially supported but some users have done this, some instructions for conversion)

Best of luck!

ok thanks!

Hello there, you can use the support chat on Saturn Cloud for help on these questions.
You may also find these docs helpful.

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Hi smoelsh,

Sure, I will take a look. Thanks!