Monitor GPU usage


Is there any way to monitor GPU usage on the Jetson Nano for evaluation purposes?

Hi kosmon, the tegrastats utility can let you know the GPU utilization. GR3D is the GPU engine in the tegrastats output. It is reported as “GR3D X%@Y”, where X is the utilization and Y is the current clock frequency of the GPU.

I also find this useful for Jetson Nano :

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Thanks a lot!!!

I use jtop quite a bit, it’s a very useful utility. I was concerned about the PMIC value of 100C until I read about how the stats driver gets PMIC data. One possible change to the PMIC display might be to note that it has or has not reached the temperature threshold (and display that threshold) rather than display 100C in red, which could lead to a user thinking their system is overheating.

The jetson_release script (which depends on output of jetson_variables which in turn depends on output of opencv_version shows that (on my system) OpenCV 4.1.1 is installed and compiled with CUDA support but I could not find any OpenCV 4.1.1 files other than the header files for C++, no native libraries or Python bindings. I was able to build OpenCV 4.1.1 from source without issue, but the output of the jetson_release script is misleading and should be fixed.

Hi michaelbender, if you post your feedback to an issue on the jetson_stats GitHub, I think there would be a better chance of it’s developer seeing it.

Thanks, submitted.

Hi Michaelbender,

I fixed your issue, now the proper version of opencv with cuda is show on jetson_release and also on jtop from version 1.7.10

About PMIC in according with:

  • To proper visualize all temperature output it is write also this high temperature.
    Honestly I’m thinking to hide this value from my next jetson_stats release, doesn’t look useful and make it worry for nothing.

    From the new release 1.8.0

    It is available a new version of jtop, now the PMIC is hide and you can manage better swap and memory with a new page (MEM)

    You can upgrade jetson-stats following:

    sudo -H pip install --no-cache-dir -U jetson-stats