Monitor selection on boot

Is it possible to select the monitor on which the linux console is displayed?
I have one monitor connected to HDMI-A-1 and one (using a DVI-VGA adapter, so the EDID information can’t be read) to DVI-I-1, the latter of which is selected by default (also in BIOS).
The BIOS does not offer an option to select monitors.
I tried using the kernel parameter “video=HDMI-A-1:D video=DVI-I-1:d” to no effect, both with nvidia-drm enabled as described in, or with “nomodeset”.
Supplying EDID information with “drm_kms_helper” did not work either.
The driver in use is nvidia-375.26-1.
In the dmesg log, there even are the lines:
[drm] forcing DVI-I-1 connector OFF
[drm] forcing HDMI-A-1 connector ON,
but still only the DVI-I-1-monitor is used.

A possible approach; posts 8 and 9:

Setting default refresh rate - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thank you, but I do not think that’s applicable here, as the X server is not used at all during boot or when using the Linux console.
Can I provide any additional information?

Likely, but it clearly wouldn’t do me much good. ;-)

Have you started a thread here as well?

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