Loading EDID from file

I have following setup: Two monitors, the second output is split using a DVI to DVI+HDMI splitter to feed HDMI input of my TV set. All works fine if the TV is not turned on when X is started. But if the TV is on then my secondary display defaults to 800x600 instead of 1680x1050. So to work around of this problem I’m trying to load EDID from a file, I have following in my Monitor section:

Option “CustomEDID” “DFP-1:/etc/X11/Dell_edid.bin”

However, this file is not loaded. What am I doing wrong?

Gentoo kernel 3.10.7, GeForce 9500 GT, nvidia-drivers-3.25.15.

The driver doesn’t look in the Monitor section for that option. You have to put it in either Device or Screen.

Thank you. I did my homework and read nVidia documentation in /usr/share/doc, also I found a webpage with all Options for driver, however there was not specified which section they belong. Can you point me a source of better documentation?

No, the README is it. It does say this at the top of Appendix B:

Appendix B. X Config Options