Ubuntu 16 LTS, Capture SDK and virtual screen

We’re building an encoding system for applications.

We have a Linux system that renders Chrome currently to a fake screen, capture it, encode it and send it out.

The fake screen is made by buying a Display Emulator, which is a physical device that plugs into the card.

On Windows I can capture the EDID of a monitor on port X, and import that EDID on port Y, so that it thinks that that same monitor is connected there.

On Linux I am unable to do so, is there any guidance on this?


The information provided in the link above does not seem to work anymore!

you have moved your xorg.conf to a backup
captured an edid.bin that is capable of 4K (placed in /etc/X11/edid.bin)
this command will create a test xorg.conf that will display 4 each 4k displays in a row on a single M4000 card on linux (even if you only have 1 real 4k display) P series cards have different port Identifiers.

nvidia-xconfig --no-xinerama --no-nvidia-xinerama-info --allow-empty-initial-configuration

I hope this helps.