Can I choose which monitor is "primary" (as in gets the TTY login) for GT710?

I have three monitors connected to a GT710. When I boot, X does not start automatically, rather I start from a TTY login screen and then startx after logging in.

Currently, this appears on the monitor connected to the DVI port. I would like it to appear on the one connected via HDMI. I tried adding some options such as fbcon=map:1 as suggested here linux - How do I change which monitor the TTY shows up on? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange . Unfortunately with this option I just booted to a blank black screen.

The Arch Linux Wiki states: “Note: The proprietary NVIDIA driver (since 364.12) also implements kernel mode-setting, but it does not use the built-in kernel implementation and it lacks an fbdev driver for the high-resolution console.” Kernel mode setting - ArchWiki

Does this mean that grub command line options will not have any effect when using proprietary drivers?

AFAIK, that’s not possible, depending on boot method, either bios vga console or efifb is used which cannot be manipulated. Like you already mentioned, the nvidia driver neither provides a drm or fbdev console.

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That’s too bad :(
But thanks for letting me know so that I don’t waste any more time on this.
It makes me wonder though, why would NVIDIA not implement these relatively standard features?

IIRC, aplattner once made a remark they have the requirement that the driver is unloadable. Which wouldn’t be possible if it drives the console.
Likely some compute server requirement or anything else we can only speculate about.