MQM9700 ZTP serial to ip

Hello I have tons of manage IB switch to be install, how to assign serial to ip?
here is the partially working isc-dhcp setting, but how to apply per serial with provide IP?
thanks to Sebastian (ZTP DHCP configuration Option 43 - #6 by sebastian.thoesen)

option space IBSWZTP code width 1 length width 1;
option IBSWZTP.model         code 1 = text;
option IBSWZTP.partnum    code 2 = text;
option IBSWZTP.serial          code 3 = text;
option IBSWZTP.mac            code 4 = text;
option IBSWZTP.profile        code 5 = text;
option IBSWZTP.release       code 6 = text;
option IBSWZTP-43              code 43 = encapsulate IBSWZTP;

class "IBSW" {
 match if option IBSWZTP.model="MQM9700";
 option tftp-server-name = ",";
 option bootfile-name = "image-X86_64-3.11.1014.img";
subnet netmask {
  option subnet-mask;
  pool {
    allow members of "IBSW";

group {
  host IBSW-01 { option IBSWZTP.serial = "MT2202T24242"; fixed-address; }

Partially working:

  • Able to upgrade the Image
    Not Working:
  • doesn’t assign IP from the provided serial, DHCP offers IP from the POOL not by host.

Please see the following link for information regarding configuring ZTP on MQM9700 switches:

If more detailed assistance is required and if you have a valid support contract, please open a support ticket:

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Thanks @kevino2 , I did review the article before my post, but it doesn’t say how to filter vendor-specific-info to parse the serial to ip. Its bit tricky…