Multiple PTP domains

Hi all,

It seems that it is not possible to configure it as transparent clock, it is not clear to me whether multiple PTP domains can be configured. Does anyone have any experience with this?


You are correct, transparent mode is not supported, see:

“Cumulus Linux supports:
PTP boundary clock mode only (the switch provides timing to downstream servers; it is a slave to a higher-level clock and a master to downstream clocks).”

From: Precision Time Protocol - PTP | Cumulus Linux 5.6

We understood that eventually PTP domains might be configured across multiple domains which are independent, and so we built the CLI/API (NVUE) to be supportive of multi-domain PTP environments when they arrive by implementing a domain number configuration as part of the normal methodology however today the system only supports configuration on a single domain.

“Cumulus Linux supports only one domain in the system.”

See more here: Precision Time Protocol - PTP | Cumulus Linux 5.6

Many thanks for your reply.

I do not understand the relation between “Cumulus Linux supports only one domain in the system.” and the fact that is it possible to create multiple PTP instances with different domains. Could you please give me some hints and a use case?


As I understand, the standards support multiple domain configuration but in practice no one has needed it yet.

I believe the idea is to allow one switch to provide isolated timing to multiple separate domains.

The use case as to why someone would WANT to isolate timing and not use a single universal timing I’m not fully sure but the config syntax we’ve implemented will be ready if the need comes. Perhaps I can tap one of our PTP gurus here for a better explanation.