My 2nd 4090 GPU creates issue as soon I start GPU using software like Jupyter Notebook

I have recently built a rig with 2x GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC GPUs.
I am having issue with 2nd gpu.

As soon I start any gpu using sotware, this gpu run on it’s own and first gpu is inactive (fans not running) too.

I used nvidia-smi code to check it out.

As soon I started my pc, in PowerShell I ran command nvidia-smi to see the GPU.

So before 2nd GPU ran on it’s own, I was able to get the proper output where I can see both GPU. But once second GPU ran itself , it gave error on one gpu. Also once it start spinning, it just doesn’t stop at all.

Can someone help me please 🙏

Welcome @himgos to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Before being able to help please share a bit more detail of your system:

  • Motherboard (Does it have the latest BIOS? Is it even spec-ed for Dual-GPU setups?)
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • OS (Including which version exactly)
  • Power Supply
  • Other devices connected to PCIe (like other AICs or NvME storage)

and please redirect the output of nvidia-smi -q to a file and attach that here.