My performance with the 440 driver (and 390) is approximately half that on Windows 10 with same hardware


I have a k200m graphics card in my laptop which dual boots with Windows.
When visiting the page I get much worse performance on the same hardware on Linux vs Windows.

According to the FPS monitor in Google Chrome it runs at close to 60 FPS on Windows but only 21 FPS on Linux.

Here is a windows capture:

And here is a Linux capture:

The performance difference is the same on firefox. Can anyone help me figure out why?
Here is the output from about:gpu on windows
and Linux:

try to revert to 440.31 .
for me it shows normal on this version

What “shows normal” your performance shows normal?

I do not think this is a driver problem because these 440 drivers are not even officially supported (I think) for my GPU.

I get 40fps with mesa on the intel igpu and 60fps on the gt740M which is in the same ballpark as your K2000M. Did you already check if the clocks ramp up correctly using nvidia-settings?