N/A instructions executed

As you can see in the report below, the metric related to executed instructions is n/a while some other metrics, such as dram and sm efficiency are non-zero. What does that mean? Is something wrong here?

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ------------------------------
    dram__sectors_read.sum                                                          sector                         94,079
    dram__sectors_write.sum                                                         sector                         32,101
    sm__cycles_active.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_elapsed                                  %                          92.69
    smsp__inst_executed                                                                                           (!) n/a
    smsp__thread_inst_executed                                                                                    (!) n/a
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ------------------------------

I am using the latest version.

$ nv-nsight-cu-cli --version
NVIDIA (R) Nsight Compute Command Line Profiler
Copyright (c) 2012-2019 NVIDIA Corporation
Version 2019.5.0 (Build 27346997)

n/a appears if the metric cannot be collected. In this case I believe you are manually specifying the metric and you have not provided the sub-metric which can be

Counters : may be either a raw counter from the GPU, or a calculated counter value. Every counter has 4 sub-metrics under it:

.sum The sum of counter values across all unit instances.
.avg The average counter value across all unit instances.
.min The minimum counter value across all unit instances.
.max The maximum counter value across all unit instances.

For more information see the Nsight Compute Profiling Guide section 3.2 Metrics Structure.