Nano 2GB

I see the picture below is a bit at a loss
“ Jetson Nano 2GB P3448-0003
For educational and experimental use; not for production or developing production devices. ”
“Jetson Nano 4GB P3448-0002
For development or production use.”

I want to develop products based on the NANO 2GB core board. Does the NANO 2gb version of the kernel support modifying the device tree, like TX2 and TX1?

thank you

Yes, but Nano 2GB devkit is for educational and experimental purpose.
For production, our suggestions is to use Nano eMMC module with custom carrier board.

Thanks for your patience
Let me make sure that if I want to use this nano 2g and a custom carrier board, it is also possible.
Can 2g and 4g share the carrier board?
Do you have a link to the 2g development kit design file?
thank you

No, we don’t provide any reference design doc for making the Nano 2GB custom carrier board.

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