Jetson Nano 2GB USB3.0

Hi, I have a custom board for the Jetson Nano platform, I’ve already tested it with the 4GB with eMMC memory model and it worked fine but when I do the same test with the 2GB model the USB3.0 connection doesn’t work.

I’ve modified the kernel since both have the same one, and I included the drivers that I need for the USB3.0 device I’m using.

Any idea of what can I do?



Our document design guide is only for 4GB nano. Devkit also has difference between 4GB and 2GB case.

2GB module is not supported to be on custom board.

Ok, got it. Thanks.

But, there is any difference (kernel, any chip-id, or physical) in the USB that would lead to that failure?


The kernel and device tree needs to change when different hardware comes.

I don’t know how you design your hardware so it is not possible for me to tell what is your need.

The thing that is not working is the USB3.0 in the 2GB model, I’ve checked and the usb3.0 lines are in the same pins for both models.

When the 2GB model is on the devkit the USB3.0 works fine, but in the custom board it doesn’t. I’m using the same lines for the usb3 as on the devkit since it only goes to a single device. This works with the 4GB model but no with the 2GB model.

I’ve updated the kernel with the required drivers, but I don’t know if there is any kind of limitation in the 2GB model that avoid being used in custom boards.


I am no hardware guy so cannot reply your question.

Since this is not a support case. I won’t help you clarify what is going on there.