[Navigation Mesh] How can I use Navigation Mesh in my workspace?

Hello. I’m watching this basic tutorial below.


I already followed the Omni.Anim.People demo and now, I want to use people demo in my workspace.

before use Omni.Anim.People demo, I have to make Navigation Mesh. So I referred to this link below


at this point , as I know, If I make navigation mesh properly, there is blue-like floor , but in my workspace there is not. so I got some problem.

I don’t know how to make blue like field. Although I create Navigation / NavMesh Volume in my environment trim, my work space’s floor color does not change.

This below picture is my current situation( no blue navigation field)



so even if I made a people and make them walk by using animation graph, they don’t work.

In summary I want to know How to make navigation mesh volume in details.

Thank you.


The navmesh settings seem to be off. Can you try these values -

Height - 1.5
Radius - 0.5
Max Slope - 60
Max Climb - 0.5

To visualize the navmesh, click on the eye icon on stage (top left), then click on show by type, and select Navmesh.

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