Need Board ID and Board SKU


I am currently about to create the conf files for our custom board and all the variations of Xavier and Orin boards we are going to be using.

Unfortunately the initrd README file does not contain the info for the Orin series.

Here is what I got so far, please help me to complete the list:

Xavier Devkit Baseboard ID-SKU
p3509-0000 -> for flashing with nx modules
p3509-a02 -> for flashing with orin modules

Xavier NX SOM ID

Xavier SOM SKU
0000 -> SD
0001 -> EMMC 8GB
0003 -> EMMC 16GB

Orin Devkit Board ID-SKU


0000 > NX 16GB
0001 > NX 8GB
0002 > ???                              Same as 0000?
0003 > Nano 8GB
0004 > Nano 4GB
0005 > ???                              Same as 0003? 

The L4T Files seem to use 3767-0000 for Orin Nano Devkit module and for the Orin NX 16GB.
Something seems to be mixed.

What are the Orin SOM SKU 0002 and 0005?
What would be the correct SKU for the Orin Nano Module from the Devkit with the SD Card slot?

Thanks for the answer @WayneWWW

The official nano devkit conf seems to support those modules?

        if [ "${board_sku}" = "0000" ] || [ "${board_sku}" = "0002" ]; then
                # use default DTB and CFG files except for TS1 & EB1 revisions
                if [ "${board_FAB}" = "TS1" ] || [ "${board_FAB}" = "EB1" ]; then
        elif [ "${board_sku}" = "0001" ]; then
        elif [ "${board_sku}" = "0003" ] || [ "${board_sku}" = "0005" ]; then
        elif [ "${board_sku}" = "0004" ]; then

Anyway, what is the correct SKU for the devkit version of the Orin Nano? It can’t really be the same as Orin NX 16GB?

What does that mean it cannot be same as Orin NX 16GB?

They are using same carrier board from the beginning.

Well, you have device trees for Orin Nano 4GB and 8GB and for Orin NX 8GB and 16GB

From the devices you can see that

p3767-0000 = NX 16GB
p3767-0001 = NX 8GB
p3767-0003 = Nano 8GB
p3767-0004 = Nano 4GB

But the jetson-orin-nano-devkit uses the device tree for p3767-0000…which is an NX 16GB. While it is delivered with an 8GB Nano module with an SD Card socket soldered on. I assumed that the 8GB Nano with SD Slot requires a different device tree as the normal 8GB Nano?

Of course they all run on the p3768 board, but there obviously seems to be a difference in the SOMs as there are 4 different device trees supplied?

Maybe I am misunderstanding something due to the fact that the L4T supplies different dtbs?

But the jetson-orin-nano-devkit uses the device tree for p3767-0000…which is an NX 16GB.

If you are talking about this. That is a bug.

That line already seems to be correct for me.
Edit: My mistake…the bug you talk about is about flashing Orin on the Xavier devkit. I am talking about the Orin Devkit.

This conversation does not seem to lead anywhere as my main question is remaining unanswered.
Do both the Orin Nano 8Gb and the Orin Nano 8GB from the devkit module use the p3767-0003 device tree?

I think you are correct.

That seems to be a problem. Let me check this internally. Current situation is we enable sdcard for both cases. But one module does not have a physical sdcard slot hardware.

BTW, the sku I mentioned is not correct either. I will update the correct info later.

Hey @WayneWWW

thanks for the info. Will stop developing that feature then until I hear back from you.

Hi seeky15,

Sku5 of Orin NX/Nano module is the module on devkit.

We will prepare a separate dtb for sku3 and sku5 in future.

Thank you @WayneWWW now it makes sense.

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