Need confirmation that hardware configuration is appropriate for Nsight

Hi there! We are about to buy some laptops for our company and we need they to support NSight (mainly debug of GLSL shaders).
The laptop is Dell M3520, I&-7700, 16G, 512 SSD, Win10 + NVIDIA M620 2GM.
It has GPU Quadro M640.
The question is that it is not listed here:
But nevertheless this link says that it is supported by NSight:

“Supported Quadro GPUs Quadro K-Series and Quadro M-Series, or better (Dell XPS 15 Optimus Equipped Notebook and others”

Can somebody give some explanation or guaranty: will this configuration work with NSight (we need GLSL shader debuger)?


Hi AlexCher,

The GPU architecture of Quadro M620 mobile is Maxwell, it works with Nsight, but it doesn’t support shader debugging now.

Please refer to the weblink: