Need CUDA SDK to run the CUDA program?

I want to run the CUDA programs outside the development environment.
To do this, I do not know CUDA SDK or need.

Is it no problem if cudart64_xx_xx.dll and cudart32_xx_xx.dll, is DisplayDriver? .

Environment OS: Windows7 64bit, GeForce GTX660

I am a beginner.
It may be a rudimentary question, but thank you.

You definitely need the toolkit if you want to actually compile anything, so the developer certainly needs it. I think the SDK is more code samples, in contrast to the toolkit which has the actuall compiler. Download both:-P That said, the driver has everything needed for the end user to actually run the finished program. You might have to package the cudart dll if you’re using the runtime API, though.

Dear Keldor314,
Thanks for the confirmation.

The question I’m sorry this is hard to understand

I should have been to question CUDA SDK are needed to End User to execute the CUDA code.
I’ll try to use it to package the cudart.dll that was taught to you.

Thanks again