Need help isolating 2nd gtx gpu

main system is a prime setup. 2nd gpu i tried isolating via immou, grub editings, and one other method but host still detects it, my intent is to give gpu 2 to a windows virtual machine on virt manager. host is 21.04 ubuntu-based distro, and i’ve got both virtmanager and kvm/virtmanager. whats left to do? i herd gtx passthrough became official to one vm begenning driver 465.xx i am on 470.

whats left for me to try? thanks

Hello @cyberc883 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am sorry to hear that you have trouble getting your setup to work properly. Sadly I cannot immediately help with this topic and I am hard pressed to identify who might be able to. This could very well be a limitation of your motherboard BIOS with respect to PCIe virtualization.

Maybe if you can give a bit more details on your complete HW setup? What Host machine this is, what kind of GPUs, etc.
Also, since I think this was a double post, would you mind closing or deleting the other post you created:

It might be confusing otherwise.