netcdf library and mod files for pgHPF compiler

I am trying to use pfhpf compiler. I am able to compile most of the existing code which was compiled with pgf90. But when I tried to compile netcdf related code that includes netcdf.mod, I am getting the following error message in unix

PGHPF-S-0004-Incompatible or Old Module file /home/mark/GEMSS/Libs/NETCDF-4.1.3/netcdf.mod (/home/mark/GEMSS/Libs/COSIM/NRLAllocVariables.f90: 5)
PGHPF-F-0004-Compile source file with the same compiler netcdf.f90 (/home/mark/GEMSS/Libs/COSIM/NRLAllocVariables.f90: 5)
PGHPF/x86-64 Linux 9.0-4: compilation aborted

I am using netcdf.mod file obtained by compiling netcdf.f90 file using pgfpf.

Please let me know if anyone come across this problem or any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Hi Venkat,

The modules created by pghpf and pgf90 are not always compatible so you will need to go back and recompile NetCDF with pgf90.

  • Mat