Regarding Error when compiling the model

PGF90-F-0004-Corrupt or Old Module file /usr/local/include/netcdf.mod (/clm3.5/src/csm_share/shr/shr_ncio_mod.F90: 56)
PGF90/x86-64 Linux 19.10-0: compilation aborted
Makefile:145: recipe for target ‘shr_ncio_mod.o’ failed
gmake: *** [shr_ncio_mod.o] Error 2

I am using PGI compiler 19.10 community version, but getting this error.
How i can resolve it.

Hi Anuj_isro,

Fortran modules are not compatible between different compiler vendors. Most likely, the NetCDF module you’re using was built with a different compiler hence can’t be used with pgfortran.

You’ll need to either build NetCDF with pgfortran or use the version we ship with the compilers, “$PGI/linux86-64-llvm/2019/netcdf/netcdf-4.6.2/openmpi-3.1.3/include/netcdf.mod”

Hope this helps,