New feature branch release (495.44) doesn't support gtx 750 ti?

I’ve noticed it’s not listed in the supported products, and it seems a bit worrying as it’s coinciding with the drop of the kepler-based 600/700 cards (which don’t include the 750 ti as it’s maxwell). When can I look forward to a driver for it that includes the features of 495.44? A following NFBR version, or maybe only once it hits the production branch?

Kepler is legacied, 470 is the new legacy driver:

Right. However, as I’ve mentioned, the GTX 750 Ti isn’t kepler, it’s maxwell. The current support for this card can be verified both by checking the latest Windows driver (which includes support for the 750 and 750 ti while excluding the rest of the 700 series), and in the “Current NVIDIA GPUs” section from the readme (Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products).

Ok, I misundestood your question.
I wouldn’t give too much on the “list of supported products”, it often contains bogus information. If you have a maxwell based gpu, it should work with the 495 driver since it doesn’t check for pci-id or product name but checks the architecture directly.

Ah I see, thank you!

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