Where are device IDs for 470 legacy branch?

470.103.01 (x86_64 17) - GKxxx “Kepler” GPUs

Doing sgfxi, I noticed a few releases back that there is a new legacy driver, 470 series, but when I go to the legacy gpu page:

to get the list of product ids to update sgfxi for legacy 470, it looks like someone forgot to update any of those lists, latest is 390 legacy.

Also absent on this: Support timeframes for Unix legacy GPU releases | NVIDIA

Clearly someone forgot to do this, can it get done, thanks, otherwise can’t add 470 legacy driver support.

Hi harald,

Sorry for the delay getting the legacy driver page updated with the 470 series. Getting the website updated is still in the queue.

If you’re looking for a list of the actual device IDs of products that were made legacy after the 470 series, you can find those in Appendix A of the README or in the nvLegacy.h header file that nvidia-installer uses to identify legacy GPUs and suggest a branch. The 470 series is branch number 8 in that table.

Those did the trick, thanks.


This location would not be the first or second place I would have thought to look for the data, but as long as it was somewhere that’s all I needed. sgfxi is updated and 470 legacy 7 support is added (the 7th legacy driver since sgfxi started, that is).

I was surprised that the website hadn’t gotten updated, I went back and checked my driver update emails, and 470 had been made next legacy quite a while ago, but this only happens every few years so not a big deal.

I’m surprised to see you’re still chugging along at nvidia aplattner, I always appreciated your work on linux, made my job much easier.

Now if nouveau could just be brought to the level of amdgpu/radeon (nouveau in my last tests was/is just not up to par, much as I wanted to use it), there’d be some use for my nvidia cards…

Just as an aside, if I look at this:

it’s not indicated that this is the legacy driver, I assume that the legacy 470 block of IDs only added once the next primary series is updated, in other words, when the driver is > 470.xx? This makes a sort of sense, but that driver I think was released after 470 was made legacy driver, but the list of supported ids is > the list of legacy 470 ids, which is confusing. At least I think that’s how it is. This would have been where I’d have looked for the legacy driver list, but I can just make a note to myself to always look on the current driver supported/legacy ids item, not the legacy latest itself.

Anyway, no big deal, most important is that it’s all documented and available, which is very helpful, I doubt I’d keep doing this project if it weren’t reasonably easy to get the data.

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