New install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS display sleeps instead of showing login on boot with RTX 2080 Ti and 440.100

I’ve got a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but I am not able to get the login screen to display. When I would expect the login screen to show the monitor switches to power saving mode and goes to sleep.

This computer ran mostly fine for months with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and the first time I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS everything seemed fine for a few weeks. Then about a week ago I rebooted after an update and the problem started. I’ve tried lots of different things but I don’t think I’m close to figuring this out so any help would be appreciated.

I’m running a RTX 2080 Ti with Nvidia driver version 440.100 on system with an AMD Threadripper 3960 on an Asus ROG Strix TRX40-E motherboard. I am running the most recent version of the Firmware/BIOS for the motherboard (version 1101 from 2020-06-12).

I did see this bug about once a week under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS it seemed like the issue had either been resolved or the frequency was much lower:

Here is the output from, if you remove the “2020-06-25.log” it will have the original name:

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz.2020-06-25.log (268.1 KB)

Any help will be appreciated!

It’s a bit odd, no errors reported, the Xserver starts up fine, monitor is detected.
Can you switch to a VT after hitting the black screen? Did you check if using a different connector/cable helps?

I tried with a Displayport cable, and a USB-C to Displayport cable and had the same problem. Then I tried with an HDMI cable and it worked and the desktop environment started normally. I don’t understand why HDMI would work when Displayport did not. It’s so weird that it all worked fine with these same cables for months, then just stopped working.

The Dell U2713HM I’m using does not support its full resolution over the HDMI port so that’s a bummer. I ordered a VESA certified Displayport cable that I’ll try when it arrives in a day or two. I think the cables I have are certified cables but I’m not 100% sure so.

I can try with a newer monitor also and see if that makes a difference. I have a Dell U2715H that I can use to check Displayport also, but I think I’m going to wait until the VESA certified cable arrives just to be safe in case there was a problem with the cables I was using.

I was not able to switch to a VT from the blank screen, but I could boot into a text console in recovery mode and I was able to SSH into the machine from another workstation.

When I used the open-source Nouveau driver the desktop stared up how I would expect with the Displayport cables, but with an RTX 2080 Ti using the Nouveau driver long-term is not an option due to unacceptable performance.

Did you check if the monitor works over DisplayPort on another system?

Yeah it works fine with other computers using Displayport and HDMI. I used the same Displayport cables that were not working with the RTX 2080 too.

Did those other computers have nvidia gpus? The nvidia driver had problems with Dell P-Series monitors at some time, maybe this is a reprise with U-Series now?

The other computers I tested had Intel integrated GPUs, but I do have one other computer with a Nvidia GPU I could test with the U2713HM. The other computer has a Dell U2715H and I’m going to swap it with the U2713HM and see what happens.

I tried a new VESA certified Displayport 1.4 cable and it worked on the first try. It’s still not clear to me why the 2 older cables stopped working, but so far it’s working with the certified cable.

However unlikely, it seems like I may have had 2 bad cables. I’m really not sure, but for now it seems like the issue is resolved.