New jetpack update schedule

Hello, I’ve recently encountered an issue with working with the GPIO header pins when working with compatible libraries, like Cpp GPIO or NVIDIA GPIO library. neither libraries seem to work, i get no HIGH LOW signal and no PWM, even after setting a user-costume /boot. I saw a few people report about that when working on the Jetson ORIN and saw that the problem lies with the jetpack, when asked i was told the new jetpack set to come at Q3 of 2022 will fix those issues, among others.
I know working with the GPIOs through the terminal is possible but i can’t really access a sudo terminal when running my program.
Is there any update about the new jetpack’s release date? And maybe if someone has a workaround fix that will make the GPIOs work i’d appreciate it.

hello Elad-SH,

this is target for mid-Aug, please stay-tuned.

hello and thank you will do, where will the update be posted?
another small question, to update i will only need to apt update, or will i need to download the l4t package?

hello Elad-SH,

here’s the announcements,

since this has not yet public release, I can’t claim whether apt update works for updating to a new minor release, i.e. from l4t-r34.1.1 to l4t-r35.1
you may download NVIDIA SDK Manager, it’ll show the JP-5.0.2 release image when the image has available via APT repositories.

every source i’ve seen said the release is scheduled for the 10th of august, which is a few days past. I haven’t been able to find the new release and the archive doesn’t show it jetpack archive. is there any update about this?

never mind, i saw the delays, hopefully it will be ready in the next few days

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