New P/N for P/N = P3668-0001

We have a legacy design that was using P/N = P3668-0001. As far as we can tell, the new P/N for P3668-0001 is P/N = 900-83668-0000-000. Can Nvidia confirm/deny that this is correct.

Please refer to the faq site for the full part number: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

I’m interested in what P/N replaced P3668-0001. I understand what the new part numbering is all about. If I were to procure the equivalent for P/N = P3668-0001, what P/N should I procure?

Could you share a photo of it which has the full p/n?

See attached photos.

I don’t see P3668-0001 in the photo.

Anyway, as said, the module P/N is 900-83668-0000-000 which is same on yours. P3668 is the PCB p/n or module.

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