New pgfortran features since V 10.2


We’re trying to decide whether to get the newest pgfortran compiler. Currently we’re using an old version - 10.2. Can someone list the advantages of switching to version 12.9, or point me in the direction of a list of differences? For example, I know that we can’t use the maxregcount option with v 10.2, but I assume there are many more differences I’m not aware of.


Hi JDS7,

Since 10.2 we’ve added support for Fortran 2003, OpenACC, AVX instructions (Sandy-Bridge/Bulldozer), CUDA 4.2, CUDA-x86, many CUDA Fortran improvements, nested OpenMP parallelism, Eclipse integration for C/C++ on Linux, and new OS versions. Lots of small incremental improvements and bug fixes as well.

For full descriptions of the new features, please refer to the PGI Release Notes and our What’s New page.

  • Mat