NGC: Set Your Profile does not work

I am trying to get a NGC API Key to connect to an AWS EC2 Instance.
This process requires me to “Set Your Profile” before I can proceed. Unfortunately, when I click on “Submit” button (after completing all fields) the website freezes.
I have tried to do it from Chrome as well as Safari. No success :(
Would really welcome the opportunity to get your help.


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I meet the same issue. Did you solve that?

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Open Chrome (or your browser of choice) developer settings and have a look at the server response. I faced the same issue and the way to fix it was to remove “/” at the end of organisation URL. Validation of URL is done differently between the frontend and the backend. The frontend accepts your URL, the backend rejects request as a result the whole website “freezes”. The only way to understand what has happened is to read server response body
Hope it helps.