Cannot get NGC key to run remote container

Hi! I am trying to run Isaac sim remotely with an azure or aws container, however whenever I try to generate the NGC key as it says in the documentation ([3. Advanced Installation β€” Omniverse Robotics documentation]). It tells me to select my nvdia account, and every time it tells me to set my profile as in this picture:

However, When I click submit it does not do anything else and the page freezes. Thank you in advance.

Maybe try a different browser?
You can login to NGC using the same NVIDIA Developer account as this forums.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I tried in different browsers but I can’t successfully obtain the NGC key. I also tried to refresh the page and access by going to setup in the NGC main page after loggin (Generate API key):

However, the same page to set my profile appears and after clicking submit it freezes.

Hi, I have tried my personal account and had not problems generating the api key on Chrome for Windows.

Please try again. You could also request support from the NGC team at NGC Account - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I was trying on ubuntu 20.04, but It worked on Chrome for windows as you suggested!

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