No acces to Github For 3.4SDK


I’m sorry to be a bother but I have not been able to receive access for the github sdk and I am unsure where else to ask. I have submitted my EULA signature twice and have tried to contact support via email twice and Have gotten no reply.

Im just hoping someone sees this. I have a presentation on PhysX on the 31 that I’d really like to try to have with a live tutorial with the SDK. Considering using unreal or unity at the moment because those are the only other options I have as a Mac user.

Thanks for your time.

When singing up for GitHub access, you need to provide your GitHub ID, not email address.

Have you checked spam/junk mail for your confirmation email?

Have you logged into GitHub to see if you have access? Even without the confirmation email, once the automated approval system gives you access, you should be able to access the PhysX source even if the confirmation email was lost. It would be worth checking just in case.