Access to github repo

I created my account with the same email address as my github account and agreed to the EULA (submission #30252). I got an email saying “Your application to the program NVIDIA Developer Program has been approved.”, but I have not received any invite to the Github org.

Could someone please check the invitation pipeline is working?

github: jeff-1amstudios


I am also having the same problem. Another post similar to this one (

mentions contacting:

which i have just done. Perhaps there is a problem with registration to gain access to github at the moment.

Thanks! I sent an email now, and also PM’d Adam Moravanszky who appears to be an employee who has replied to this in the past.

I wonder how this system can be so broken… does no-one use PhysX anymore? Maybe I should look into a different engine :(

I am currently facing the same problem. jeffvr7hx, did you receive an invite in the end?

UPDATE: my issue got solved by contacting directly.

My issue was also resolved by contacting them and i was manually added to the github group.

Apologies, we are working on the problem.
There are apparently two issues, and one is on our end - and we are looking into that. Sometimes Github doesn’t seem to actually send out an invitation email, in which case we can’t do much about it.

Please continue to contact if you have issues getting access.

Thanks all. I now have access through emailing :)

Now for the fun work on my side - upgrading from PhysX 2.7.3 to 3.4! :)

@simon thanks for the update. Maybe having a sticky post on this forum would be useful with details on how to get your invitation approved manually (via emailing nvidia)

Hi all, there is an issue with the github system at the moment. Please send us your github username to and we can manually add you.


How long does it usually take to get a response?

I got a response through email within an hour or two. And then it took another hour or so to be accepted into the github group.

Sorry for the delay, this issue should be fixed now.