No network interface when testing the linux-next kernel.

Good day everyone.

If I’m on the wrong forum, please forgive me.
I am testing the linux-next kernel on the Jetson TX2 Developer Kit. The kernel compilation went fine. Booting up the system too.

The problem is I can’t get on the net.The only interface I have is “lo”.
I think it’s in the network driver. I don’t know which driver to use for the eth interface.

Crux Linux distribution. No systemd. Configure the kernel to compile by make defconfig.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi saux2017,

We never tried linux-next on Jetson TX2 platform, don’t know if any issue there. May other developer help to share experiences.

Hi kayccc.

Thank you for answer.

I found a solution by adding the “snps, dwc-qos-ethernet.txt” driver to defconfig.
Maybe this will help someone to test the Linux kernel.

I wish everyone a nice and successful day.