Unable to Configure eth0 network interface

Sorry to be a bother, I am just trying to setup my network interface. When I try to install jetpack 3.0 on my Jetson TX2 Development board, it gets stuck at

Determining IP address after flashing the target.

I tried:

sudo ip link set eth0 up

But get the error:

RTNETLINK answers: cannot allocate memory

I coudlnt find what to do on google. Something about Device trees, kernels, and drivers.

Id appreciate any help

I would reflash your Jetson TX2 module with L4T 32.1 and Jetpack 4.2 using the sdk manager. It is very easy to flash your board with the GUI. It would fix your ethernet issue.

Also verify the IP address, there are different IP addresses if you are using the USB Type C connection or the eth0 dock. I was initially using the eth0 IP address to flash my Jetson TX2 and got all sorts of errors. I found out it was using the IP address of the USB-C(L4btr0) connection.

You can figure this out by typing ifconfig on cmd of your Jetson TX2.

Prior to SDK Manager 4.2 (a.k.a., JetPack4.2) a TX2 had packages added only over the wired ethernet cable. The TX2 still required a DHCP server (either a router appliance or the host set up as a DHCP server) to get its own address. Then, upon first boot after a flash, there was a mechanism to tell the host about the address. If this wasn’t the first boot after a flash, then you had to manually enter the IP address. Lots of things could get in the way, and with those pre-SDKM releases, you will still need to know what the IP address is (such as logging in to the TX2 and running “ifconfig eth0”). A lack of address would imply a lack of a router giving out the address.

With SDKM it is still wired ethernet, but it uses a virtual ethernet over the micro-B USB cable, and this in turn has a fixed address. SDKM doesn’t always figure this one out all the time either, but it eliminates the need for a router.

The Xavier is nice due to the USB-C, but the TX2 uses the micro-B. Either way it is necessary at this point to log in to the freshly flashed (or previously flashed) TX2 and see the output of “ifconfig” (I skip eth0 because we might be talking about virtual USB ethernet instead of wired eth0).

Assuming flash occurred with an earlier release, what is the output of “ifconfig”? Is there a router the TX2 connects to? Or does the TX2 ethernet connect directly to the host PC?