Jetpack installation on TX2 - no ethernet connection - Urgent!

Hi there,

I have an urgent problem trying to install Jetpack software onto a TX2.

Unfortunately I have been unable to obtain an ethernet connection to a TX2 device to install CUDA etc.

If I look at


output it shows DISABLED.

If I run

sudo ifconfig eth0 up

I receive

SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot allocate memory


Not sure what is wrong, I am using Orbitty carrier board if that matters.

Is there a work around that does not require ethernet? Or what am I doing wrong? I failed to do a manual install by copying packages across.

The TX2 wifi connection works fine if that matters.

This is my first time working with a TX2 that did not come as part of a dev board and I have not experienced this problem before.

Thanks for any help.

So i managed to do the install using Wifi which is slow but works. Still interested to know why my ethernet connection isn’t working?

There are different kinds of “not working”, so it is hard to say from just this. Quite often it is just NetworkManager disabling wired networking and wanting to instead use WiFi. What NetworkManager does tends to change depending on whether someone is logged in locally via the GUI or not.

In a case where it isn’t working you might post the content from the following:


Also, more information on how the Jetson is connected to wired would help, e.g., a standard router versus routing through a PC, any proxy, so on.